Eventline is now open source and available on GitHub !

If you are still using the old Eventline platform, contact us to migrate to the new service, and head to the new documentation website for more information.



Projects are a way to group resources and identities. They are useful to keep everything organized.

Current project

On the web interface, the current project is displayed on the top right corner. Clicking on this label will lead to the project management page: any user can use it to select a different project, while admin users will also be able to create, modify, or delete projects.

The current project affects which resources and identities are displayed on various pages of the website.

Managing projects

On the project management page, admin users can create, modify or delete projects.

Deleting a project will delete all resources and identities it contains.

Project deletion cannot be reversed.


The configuration page of each project is used to modify various settings.


Code header

The code header is a fragment of code inserted at the beginning of the source code of all steps which do not start with a valid shebang line.

This setting is useful to avoid repeating the same shebang line when most source codes use the same language and settings.

The default code header uses the standard POSIX shell et sets the -e and -u options for safety:


set -eu


Notifications are emails sent to one or more recipients regarding pipelines in various situations. You can activate notifications for the following situations:

  • A pipeline has been successfully executed.
  • A pipeline has been successfully executed right after one or more failures or abortions.
  • A pipeline has failed.
  • A pipeline has been aborted.
  • An identity could not be refreshed due to an OAuth2 authorization error.

You can also select which account email addresses will be used as recipients for the notifications.