Eventline is now open source and available on GitHub !

If you are still using the old Eventline platform, contact us to migrate to the new service, and head to the new documentation website for more information.



Accounts on Eventline are grouped into organizations. When you sign up on the platform, you create both a new organization and a new account. Later, you will be able to invite users into your organization. They will be able to create their own account which will be part of your organization.


The “Configuration” tab on the “Organization” page contains organization-wide settings. It is only accessible to admin accounts.

For the time being, you can rename your organization, change the contact email address, and either opt-in or opt-out of information emails about Eventline and other Exograd products.

Note that organization names follow the same rules as other names on the platform: they can only contain alphabetical characters, dashes (’-’) and underscores (’_’).


The “Accounts” tab on the “Organization” page is used to manage accounts which are part of the organization. It is only accessible to admin accounts.


Deleting an account will remove it from the organization and erase any information associated with it.


Each account has a role, either admin or user. Admin users have access to all organization management features.

Admin users can delete other users, including other admin users. Make sure to only promote accounts to the admin role if they actually need it.


Admin accounts can invite users using their email address. The user will receive an email containing a link to a page which will allow them to create their account on the Eventline platform.

Invitations can be cancelled by deleting them on the “Accounts” tab. All invitations are automatically cancelled after 24 hours if they have not been accepted.