Eventline is now open source and available on GitHub !

If you are still using the old Eventline platform, contact us to migrate to the new service, and head to the new documentation website for more information.



Capabilities describe which features are available for your organization, and how many resources you can consume.

Your plan determines the set of capabilities of your organization.

Execution credits

Execution credits are used when your tasks are being executed.

Each plan includes a fixed number of monthly credits. Extra credits are billed on usage. Note that unused monthly credits are not refundable.

The number of credits consumed by minute of execution depends on the type of the runtime. More powerful runtimes use more credits, but are faster.

Any started minute is counted as an entire minute.

Host type Credits per minute
Small 1
Medium 2
Large 4

For tasks using the container runtime, extra containers consume 1 execution credit per minute.

For example, a task running for 2 minutes and 30 seconds on a medium container with three extra containers will consume 15 credits: 6 for the main container, and 3 for each extra container.

Concurrent tasks

The Eventline platform executes tasks as soon as possible. However there is a limit to the number of tasks your organization can run in parallel. When this limit is reached, extra tasks will simply wait for an available slot and will have the created status until then.

Task retries

Pipeline tasks can be automatically restarted on failure (see the nb_retries field in the pipeline documentation).

This feature is not available in all plans.

Extra containers

The container runtime can execute extra containers along the main one.

This feature is not available in all plans.


Eventline stores executed pipelines, tasks, events and command executions. The amount of time these data are stored depends on the retention period of your plan.