Eventline is now open source and available on GitHub !

If you are still using the old Eventline platform, contact us to migrate to the new service, and head to the new documentation website for more information.



  • Add support for automatic and manual OAuth2 identity refresh.




  • Improve resource file discovery in evcli:
    • Ignore hidden files and directories.
    • Add support for an ignore file to provide a list of additional patterns to ignore.


  • Add support for integer task and command parameters.


  • Add the possibility to mark pipelines as favourite. Favourite pipelines are displayed on all pipeline pages at the top of the list.




  • Add a new project selection dialog.




  • Update pipeline task firewall to allow egress PostgreSQL port (5432).


  • Add Stripe integration. Users can now select a plan on the organization page if they do not already have one.



  • Execute pipelines associated with the oldest event first when there are multiple pipelines waiting for execution.
  • Sort various lists of elements by name to improve readability.
  • Display organization capabilities on the organization page.


  • Add command executions to facilitate access to information related to each execution of a command.
  • Add new routes to access command executions.
  • Add a page listing all executions for each command.


  • Remove the unused /v0/commands/name/:name route which is replaced by the more generic /v0/resources/type/:type/name/:name.
  • Define the EVENTLINE_CONTEXT_PATH environment variable in all tasks, which points to the context file. This makes it easier to test scripts using a mock context file out of the platform.


  • Add new GitHub events to signal branch creation and deletion.


  • Introduce a Slack connector with support for OAuth2 identities, including incoming webhooks.
  • Improve the way secrets are displayed on the interface, making them easier to interact with.
  • Introduce a new widget for multi-select elements used to configure project recipient accounts among other things.


  • Add automatic folding and scrolling to the task view page.
  • Add support for enum-like parameters using a new values field.


  • Update the pipeline execution graph; we now use stacked bars to make it easier to visualize the ratio of failing pipelines.
  • Make dropdown menu easier to use: they are now closed when clicking anywhere on the page.
  • Introduce the new organization capability system. We now keep track of various limits and quotas for each organization.


  • Compute stats on the pipeline list page on the last seven days to make sure data stay relevant.
  • Remove the global pipeline execution graph: it cannot display all data in the current state and is hard to read.
  • Log command executions and add a new “Logs” tab to the command page.
  • Introduce task output rendering; we currently support a small subset of ECMA-48 escape sequences: colors, bold, italic, underline…


  • Add a new optional field to generic.ssh_key identities to store SSH client certificates.
  • Add a new optional field to generic.ssh_key identities to store SSH public keys.
  • Add download icons to the task page allowing to download the output of each step.
  • Make the main menu collapsable: the collapsed version only uses icons and occupies a lot less space, which makes it more convenient on small screens.
  • Add an auto-refresh mechanism on various pages.