Eventline is now open source and available on GitHub !

If you are still using the old Eventline platform, contact us to migrate to the new service, and head to the new documentation website for more information.



Events represent something that happened and that was detected by the Eventline Platform. When an event is created, Eventline activates all triggers matching the type and content of the event.


Events are organized in connectors. You can refer to connector documentation pages to consult the description of each event. For example, all GitHub-related events are listed on the github connector page.


Event replay is an advanced feature designed to help people re-execute entire pipelines as if the original event was executed again.

When an event is replayed, a new event is created with the same connector, event type and data. Eventline will look for matching triggers and execute any associated pipeline.

This feature is particularly useful when writing complex pipelines and tasks. Event replay makes it easy to reproduce the same behaviours with a new version of your resources. Update your triggers, pipelines and tasks, deploy the project, and simply replay the original event.

You can replay events on the Eventline web interface, with the replay-event evcli command, or using the API.

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